Thursday, May 10, 2012

Support with out the "but"

There is alot of support for breastfeeding, and it is usually followed by a "BUT"... but cover up, but be decent, but don't whip them out. The thing is, you can not simultaneously have an issue with it and say you support it. You either support breastfeeding and all that goes with it, or you do not.
I often wonder about the people who say things like "I think breastfeeding is great, just as long as the mom acts decent..." really? What does that mean exactly? What part is not decent to you? The part where the mother and child actually carry on a life that isn't in a house? Or comments like "It's easy, just cover up." My guess is most of the women who say this either never nursed a baby OR only nursed a very young baby. (OK maybe there are babies who like to eat completely covered up so they can't see their mama's face, I have just not met them yet.)
I can not tell you how it burns my biscuits when I read a nasty comment by a man who say something like, "just don't whip your teats out". LOL My teats?! Really?! And whip them out? How many breastfeeding women has the dude seen? My guess is none. Now maybe there are moms out there that just pop the girls out (which is FINE!) but most women get the baby on the breast and no one sees anything except the back of the babies head.
HEY! Maybe that is it, it isn't the breast people have an issue with, it is the back of a human infant head!
I have been trying harder to not read the comment section on on-line magazines/newspapers, etc because well... the nastiness level is just outrageous even on the most mundane subject; write something on breastfeeding and in public and watch out. The ugliness factor jumps 20 points at least.
I want to state here and now.. I SUPPORT BREASTFEEDING WITH NO BUTS! Use a cover or don't, nurse a newborn or a 4 year old (or older), nurse at home or out in public, anyway you want in whatever way makes you and the baby most comfortable. I love breastfeeding and seeing other mamas do it. The more we see it the more normal it will become again.

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  1. i think everyone has seen me whip out the boobs...however, i have also done that at a time when I was not breastfeeding, so i'm not shy about it. i think it is silly to be so...yes, i give people space to cover up, but I think being shy about your body when you've had your vagina in someone's face pushing out something the size of a small watermelon is just silly.